Agnes Masogange has shared her video while moving with her "backside" vibrating so amazing

Tanzanian Socialite Agnes Masogange has shared her video on her instagra accout while she was moving with her 'backside' vibrating like a machine, Amazing Video that you will never Miss to watch It!!!
Watch her Video Below!

Mother gives birth to identical triplets the odds are 200 million-to-one

After spending six weeks in intensive care, little Roman, Rocco and Rohan look so similar one can not tell them apart.The odds of having identical triplets is an incredible 200 million to one.

Fortunately for their 23-year-old mother, tell-tale features plus the ten-month-old triplets’ emerging personalities mean she for one has no trouble telling them apart.
‘When they were newborns it was quite hard to tell which one was which, but I never got them mixed up myself,’‘They’ve all got dark birthmarks between their eyebrows, but Roman’s is slightly darker than the others’, and Rohan has got a birthmark on his leg as well.

According to the Multiple Births Foundation, the only way to establish for certain whether twins or triplets are identical – known as zygosity determination – is usually DNA testing.

After consulting them, Miss Allen took cheek swabs from Roman, Rocco and Rohan and sent them off to a laboratory to be analysed – and earlier this month received the news that they are genetically identical.

I was surprised because I expected them to be non-identical,’ she said. ‘But then I’m normally the only one who can tell them apart, so that does explain a lot!’

The triplets get through around 130 nappies a week between them and four packs of baby wipes, while a pack of formula lasts about two days and the washing machine is run around three times a day.

As their father, Liam Tierney, 28, does not live with her, much of the day to day help comes from her sister Lauren, 17.

Watch the Video: Wema Sepetu and Petit Man are In "Big Beef"...Wema has spoken Out!

It is more than four years Wema Sepetu and Petit Man  grew up as friends. For seemed well in everything, even when she decided to run for Member of Parliament, When Wema quota through Chama Cha Mapinduzi Petit appeared and grew up with her 'Shoulder to Shoulder'.

 Recent days there was speculation grew no serious quarrel between Wema Sepetu and Petit as being the source is unknown. Reached up Mirror, the artist Petit Man owns under his label, Petit Petit announced currently not his manager again and now Mirror is very closely with Wema.

When fans ask about issue of Petit Wema and Wema, Nothing can be answered, Here is the Video of Wema Sepetu, if you watch It, you wil realize that the two are not together for now!
 Wema has opened below ....

Watch the Video: Lulu has Opened Up about trending rumors that she has "Overtaken" Hamisa Mobetto to Majay

Lulu and Majay is the couple of two famous people in Bongo, began as rumors at first first but grew up, and Lulu came up to open they are lovers. But Majay before dating with Lulu, He had relationship with Hamisa Mobetto.

News started trending in Town, Lulu has stolen Majay from Hamisa Mobetto. Except for that period  Lulu did not say anything about it. Finally She has said the facts related to that issue of robbing Majay from Hamisa, Listen what she says on this Video below .....

Watch the Video: Man In Hospital After Python Bites His Pen!s For 30 Minutes In A Toilet

A python crawling through the toilet and helping itself on your male member is the least of things in your mind when you get to the toilet.
This however was the reality for one man after he endured a 30 minute struggle to free his organ from the python teeth with the help of a neighbor. The man Attaporn Boonmakchuay was going about his business in the toilet not knowing a python had crawled up the toilet. When it struck, he had to endure a 30 minute struggle that left him with an 8 cm wound and his neighbor had to join the in struggle using a knife and a rope.
After quite a struggle the snake tired off and he was able to pull himself free. He was taken to hospital where he is recovering and in a stable condition. The doctors have confirmed he was lucky as the bite did not get to the urinary tract which would have led to complications. Emergency workers had to demolish the toilet seat and using hammers managed to free the snake ad released it into the wild.
Here is a video of the snake being pulled out

Watch New Video: Bill Nas - Chafu Pozi (Official Video)

Bilnass, After releasing 'Ligi Ndogo' today May 27, he invites us to watch his new video 'Chafu Pozi' directed In South Africa, Do not forget to drop your comment here below.
Watch the Below;

Is Shilole More Beautiful than all female Bongo fleva artists? See her Pics as she shared on Instagram!

Bongo Movies actress and also Bongo fleva artist Shilole a.k.a Shishi baby on her Instagram account has shared several pics of herself looking very $exy, Shilole who is now making better in her new song called 'Say My Name' always has a tendency of showing her fans that she is so beautiful as her statement she stated that she is more beautiful than all female Bongo fleva artists, Recently days she was in 'big beef' with her fellow artist, Vannessa Mdee, but now has ended. See her pic then you can judge even she is so beautiful or not? 
then give the comment;

Hamisa Mobetto has shared pic of her Mum on Instagram and this is what she wrote about her Mum

Model Hamisa Mobetto has shared a pic of her Mum on her Instagram account, Hamisa on her Post has written a message concerning her Mum that is helpful and an advice to many people, This is what Hamisa Mobetto wrote on her post, Read her Message!

Kuna Wakati Nakaa Chini Na Kufikiria Cha Kukulipa Mama Nashindwa Kupata Jibu Sahihi, Nafikiria Nikufanyie Nini Ili Kurudisha Zile Fadhila Zote Lakini Kila Nachokifikiria Naona Hakitoshi Kwako. Nafikiria Shida Na Tabu Ulizopata Kuniweka Tumboni Mwako Kwa Miezi 9, Kuna Muda Hukulala Na Kuna Muda Ulihangaika Kwenda Na Kurudi Hospitali Ili Tu Niweze Kufikisha Muda Na Kutoka Tumboni Kwako Nikiwa Salama. Nafikiria Kipindi Cha Uchungu Wa Uzazi Na Hata Baada Ya Kunizaa Ukaendelea Kunilea Na Kuacha Starehe Zako Na Raha Zako Zote Ili Uhakikishe Ninakua Kwenye Maadili Mema Na Nikiwa Na Afya Njema. Kuna Muda Ulifikia Hata Kugombana Na Ndugu Na Majirani Mradi Tu Unitetee Na Nisijione Mpweke, Ulijinyima Hata Kuvaa Vizuri Ili Univalishe Mie Kipindi Cha Sikukuu Nisijione Tofauti Na Watoto Wengine. Ulinisomesha Kwa Juhudi Zako Zote Na Hukuacha Kunipa Ushauri Pale Ulipoona Ninakwenda Nje Ya Mstari Na Kuna Wakati Nilikukosea Lakini Hukunitupa Ukijua Ni Ujana Tu Utapita. Na Hata Sasa Nimekuwa Mtu Mzima Lakini Bado Hujaniacha Na Unanipenda Kama Mwanzo Na Ndo Kwanza Mapenzi Yako Kwangu Yanaongezeka. Wewe Ni Zaidi Ya Mama Kwangu, Wewe Ni Rafiki, Wewe Ni Mungu Wangu Wa Pili Hapa Duniani, Uwepo Wako Kwangu Ni Furaha Tosha, Hata Dunia Ikinigeuka Nikikufikiria Wewe Napata Nguvu Ya Kusonga Mbele. Ahsante Sana Mama! @mama_mobetto @mama_mobetto


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Diamond Platnumz"s Baby Mama, Zari stuns In New Photos while she was posing in her Office

Diamond Platnumz's baby Mama, Zari has put her amazing photos while she was in her Office, Zari who is now in South Africa doing her activities, and she has been in South Africa with her daughter tiffah for several weeks now but till now is not known when she will be back in Tanzania to be together with her Baby Daddy Diamond Platnumz!
 See her another photo!

Huddah Monroe Finally Gets A Job

A lot has been said about what Huddah Monroe does for a living, but Huddah wants to change the script with her new job.
Since she is photogenic, Huddah Monroe has decided to put her beauty into good use and make some legit money. She was today unveiled as the BrightenMi Cosmetics brand Ambassador for the East African Region.
BrightenMi is a Maryland based cosmetic brand whose products tackle Acne, Discoloration of the skin, Hyper Pigmentation, Melasma, Sunburn and Blemishes.

Photos: Nyota Ndogo Finally Gets Married to Her German Lover

A while ago Mwanaisha Abdalla aka  Nyota Ndogo got engaged to her German lover who dished out a huge diamond ring and their journey towards marriage began. Tho Nyota Ndogo has kids with another man she declared that the two loved each other despite guys saying the old man is a sponsor.
The seemingly happy songbird Shared her wedding photos to Henning Nielsen as they get into marriage. Nyota was born a muslim in Mombasa and it is yet to be clear if she has converted into Christianity or the verse-visa.
Nyota stunned in her red gown though her makeup was a big fail.

Huddah Monroe Shares her amazing lovely pic...She looks so Cute

Huddah Monroe has shared a pic of herself on her Instagram account, she looks so $exy.
She shows off her amazing thighs as she poses with her red min skirt.
See her another pic

Gigy Money Shows Off her $exy body with her pant and bra

Video Vixen Gigy Money has shown off her pant on her pics shared on Instagram, apart from her pics also she has shared Videos showing her half n@ked with pant she has worn and with bra...See her more pics and Videos

Ali Kiba: My fellow Tanzanians,please vote for Diamond Platnumz

Alikiba has asked All Tanzanians including his fans to put aside their differences and vote for Diamond Platnumz so he can bring home an Award of Bet where Diamond Platnumz is among of Nominees.
 Kiba was speaking today at Planet Bongo of EATV has also opened in his car listening to different songs including from Harmonize and Raymond of WCB owned by Diamond Platnumz. 

Photo: Lionel Messi kisses his partner after Barcelona win the Copa Del Rey

Last night Lionel Messi helped Barcelona clinch the Copa Del Rey trophy after his club side beat Sevilla 2-0 in the final. It was another night to celebrate for Messi as he enjoyed a kiss from wife Antonella Roccuzzo on the pitch at the Vicente Calderon. So Romantic! See another photo of the couple with their kids

Meet Agnes Masogange! $exy and Beautiful Tanzanian Socialite...See her amazing pics

It's Amazing!!!Tanzanian Socialite Agnes Masogange obviously can be number one popular lady in Tanzania having big bum, She whatever wears on her daily activities, she has amazing face, amazing $exy body and she can compete with other girls in the World wherever she goes...She has shared her pics on Instagram shows off her lovely and $exy body you can not stop watching her as she passes across you! 
See her another pic as she shared on Instagram!

Jacqueline Mengi Shows Off her lovely legs with her nice Min dress...Read her message

Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe is common name to many people, She is former Miss Tanzania and after that she joined Music as Bongo fleva artist, Now is the Mother of Two (twins) and has got married with Tanzanian Billionaire and Owner of IPP Media, Reginald Mengi...Jacqueline Ntuyabaliwe has shared her lovely pic on her Instagram shows off her $exy body and on her account she left an amazing message, See what she wrote;

Aim to be the best in what you do,do your absolute best,and the world will readjust itself to facilitate your dream. #mylifemotto🍂🍂

See her another pic as she shared days ago;